Junmai Daiginjo

A bold floral bouquet of lily, iris and hyacinth with hints of muscat and a taste of fresh wild berries. A warm summer day captured in a master piece of Junmai Daiginjo.

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Sake Category
Junmai Daiginjo
fruity, elegant
Yamada Nishiki, below 50% pol.
16% vol.
Food suggestion
fish, poultry, vegetables, any light dish
Delivery time
3 - 5 days

Delivery Time: 3 - 5 days

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HEAVENSAKE is a composition by acclaimed Champagne cellar master, Regis Camus, in collaboration with Japan’s most respected sake houses. Camus has lent his unrivalled blending skills to both expressions of HEAVENSAKE, pioneering a change in the tradition of sake-making. Japanese tradition of excellence is delivered by two leaders in the centenary old craft of sake brewing - The houses of Dassai and Urakasumi. Their expertise, and dedication to perfection, set the grounds for the creation of a drink meeting the highest standards of purity and refinement. The vision behind HEAVENSAKE is to offer the world’s purest alcohol drink. A unique experience for body and mind, deemed “A BETTER HIGH”.

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