BERLIN: CODA Sake-Pairing Dessert-Menu

17. May 2018 

Two seatings 

8:30pm for "early-gourmet"  

12:30am for "night owls"

CODA The Dessert and Drink Experience

Friedelstrasse 47, 10247 Berlin

Sake-Night - Eriko Jitsukata im Coda

Japan x Coda? These two go so well together just as Sake and dessert.

After four snacks as an apéro, your journey into the "Land of the Rising Sun” starts.:
Six courses paired with premium Sake, imported from the Japan-expert UENO GOURMET.
The dishes will be accompanied by five Sake poured pure and one Sake Drink i.e. cocktail.
Two chances in one evening: starting at 20:30 for early gourmets, and 0:30 for night owls. 
Let us blow your mind! 
6 x Dessert as a dinner menu plus apero-snacks + Premium Sake and water
128,- Euros per person.