Soon we will be exhibiting at two trade fairs. Please enjoy our fine products. We look forward to your visit. We will present a number of premium sakes and spices:

18.-19.10.2014 - kulinart Frankfurt, the Bockenheimer Depot
02.11.2014 - International Wine Fair, Centennial Hall Frankfurt Höchst

In addition, two exciting events:

03.11.2014 - Jazz & Sake in Bern. There will be a sake tasting including five sake with some small bites - and some music sets played by the renowned Japanese jazz pianist Chihiro Yamanaka. For details please check our website or directly from the venue: Hotel Innere Enge in Bern - "the world's unique jazz-Hotel":

06.11.2014 - Sake and cheese in the Genussakademie Frankfurt. An exceptional tasting around the Japanese drink: Yoshiko Ueno-Müller combines her exclusive Sake Tasting with European cheese. The fact that this is an excellent pairing will become clear that evening.

Location: Genussakademie, Ludwigstr. 33-37, 60327 Frankfurt am Main
Time: 18:30 to 22:30
Price: € 98 (with GenussCard 88 €)
Registration: 069-97460666