Sommelier Suvad Zlatic

Suvad Zlatic

Der engagierte Advanced Sommelier und Maître d´Hôtel bei Geigers Posthotel in Serfaus war bester Sommelier Österreichs 2014 und nahm an der Sommelier WM 2016 teil. Er engagiert sich stark in Sake-Schulungen für Sommeliers.

Sake-Pairings from Suvad Zlatic

Smoked trout variation

Smoked trout variation

Sake-Pairing: Shichiken Sparkling Dry

Course 1, served at 9/2/2017


Bacon, green asparagus, tuna-carpaccio, pink-ginger and black sesame

Sake-Pairing: Amabuki Rosé

Course 2, served at 9/2/2017

Soup variation

Clear Oxtail and Knödel & red curry soup with scampi

Sake-Pairing: Ikekame Turtle Red

Course 3, served at 9/2/2017


Spinach-ravioli, parmesan, brown butter & seared swordfish, wasabi-foam, chestnut and bamboo

Sake-Pairing: Katsuyama Lei

Course 4, served at 9/2/2017

Braised veal cheeks

Braised veal cheeks, gnocchi and red cabbage, pink seared duck breast with basmati rice and anise, Chinese cabbage

Sake-Pairing: Masuizumi Junmai Daiginjo Special

Course 5, served at 9/2/2017

Alto Adige Cheese selection

Alto Adige Cheese selection

Sake-Pairing: ENTER.Sake Revolutions JDG

Course 6, served at 9/2/2017

Zogene Kiachln

Zogene Kiachln, with crabberries and "sous viden" apples

Sake-Pairing: Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling

Course 7, served at 9/2/2017