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a leading supplier of premium sake in Europe

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UENO GOURMET is a leading supplier of premium sake in Europe with offices in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We convey Japanese gastronomic culture in Europe. UENO GOURMET imports only premium sake, shochu and high quality seasonings directly from renowned producers. All products are produced in a traditional way without additives and are imported temperature controlled.

UENO GOURMET off ers consultancy and seminars for sommeliers and gastronomy. The founders: Yoshiko Ueno-Müller is SAKE SAMURAI (Ambassador of Sake Culture), Master of Sake Tasting and Sake Expert Assessor/NRIB, Jörg Müller is Sake Sommelier and Wine Consultant. They are members of the Sommelier Union Germany and of Slow Food. More information

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We are holding seminars and degustations on sake.