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Creamy banana, fresh green apple, or perhaps honey sweet melon ... the flavors of the wines are seductive and versatile. But did you know that you can find such fruit flavors in sake, too?

Sake is the popular beverage of the Japanese and an expression of their soul. As a natural and pure drink it represents the culture, history and landscape of Japan. Until today Sake must on festive occasions and religious rituals. Sake was formerly brewed in every village. Today, there are about 1,300 breweries, usually traditional family businesses. The art of brewing and the high quality awareness make Japanese sake world famous.

Americans have long, and many other non-Japanese discovered the sake of its own. Is asked mainly of premium sake, which is made by hand and has a fine flavor profile. These high quality varieties are served not only in Japanese restaurants but also in star temples in the world such as in New York Per Se from Thomas Keller to fine Western cuisine. The wine list has several positions Sake of renowned breweries alongside champagne and noble sweet from Rheingau. The price range extending from 50 to 1500 dollars a bottle. In other world cities such as Sydney, London and Hong Kong of premium sake is becoming increasingly popular.

This wave now reached Europe slowly. Until a few years - and unfortunately sometimes still - applies Sake in large parts of Europe as a tasteless liquor, which can only be drunk hot. Really come from "Hot Sake" at the sushi snack at the corner of industrial production. Such bulk Sake with mainstream taste but is insufficient to represent the thousands of years of brewing tradition and food culture of Japan. Or German wine connoisseur would give satisfied if the Liebfrauenmilch would be the only wine from Germany on the shelf of the well-stocked wine shop in Tokyo?

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