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Sake Taste

Sake Taste

About the Premium Sake Classes and taste

Sake Taste

The six classe of premium sake feature typical flavours and characteristics:

Honjozo: Most easily with a fine, fragrant taste.
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Junmai: Powerful and full-bodied flavor profile.
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Ginjo: Floral aroma and delicate flavor.
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Junmai Ginjo: Character as Ginjo, but pronounced and full-bodied.
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Daiginjo: Strong floral aroma, delicate and complex flavor.
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Junmai Daiginjo: Similarly Dai-Ginjo, even more complex. Especially high quality.
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Sake is a good aperitif. He is also an excellent companion to all Japanese and many European dishes. Sake is ideally suited to fish, vegetarian dishes and cheese. Some Sake complement each other perfectly with meat dishes. Let yourself be surprised by Sake as an accompaniment to classic German Wustbrot.

Depending on the type, the optimal drinking temperature differs. In most cases, the indulgence of slightly chilled Sake is recommended. Some Sake are also suitable for heating.