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Sake is a wonderful food companion. By choosing the right sake for your meal, you can achieve outstanding culinary experiences. We, UENO GOURMET, call this SAKE pairing! read more

Dim Sum

"Sake is a great pairing-partner for Tim Raues Genusswelten. Sake takes you to another level of flavors, when it comes to food-pairings, other than wine."



Pigeon grilled, green tea, cherries, Hot Hot Hot sesame-celery crème, seaweed-powder, and roasted wild rice


Braised veal cheeks

Braised veal cheeks, gnocchi and red cabbage, pink seared duck breast with basmati rice and anise, Chinese cabbage


Sake-Pairing: Masuizumi Junmai Daiginjo Special

Duck liver

Duck liver, Nori Brioche, Nashi, apple-celery-icecream, Shimeji


Sake-Pairing: Katsuyama Lei

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