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Sake-Pairing: Wagyu fillet of beef

„ Sake offers - like wine - a wide variety of uses in fine-dining restaurants. Light, sparkling, fruity-sour as an appetizer; powerful and aromatic with grilled meat or citrus, fruity, fine-sweet as a liqueur for a dessert. "Sindy Kretschmar

Many years engaged in international fine-dining restaurants, Falstaff's "Sommelier of the Year 2018" has been responsible for the first-class wine selection at the Ritz Carlton in Vienna since 2016 - especially for the "District Steakhouse". There, the native of Leipzig also finds ideal conditions for Sake Pairing.

Wagyu fillet of beef

Wagyu fillet of beef
Wagyu fillet of beef with parmesan truffle oil fries, 2 types of asparagus, BBQ aubergine & Sauce Bérnaise
Prepared on:
Dstrict Steakhouse