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Sake-Pairing: Citrus fruits

“Like in an Orchestra, Sake isn’t just a soloist, Sake comes to life and shows his multi talent when it gets paired with other instruments, like traditional Japanese food or other western culinary components.”Yoshiko Ueno-Müller

Yoshiko Ueno-Müller is SAKE SAMURAI (Ambassador of Sake culture), Master of Sake-Tasting and Sake Expert at Assessor National Research Institute of Brewing. In 2005 she started UENO GOURMET GmbH and she brought Premium-Sake closer to the German speaking areas. Her passion and dedication for Premium-Sake has left her marks in the fine-dining scene, since she tireless conducts tastings, trainings and presents Sake-Pairing in restaurants and hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Citrus fruits, wasabi & fromage blanc sorbet

Citrus fruits, wasabi & fromage blanc sorbet
Citrus fruits, wasabi & fromage blanc sorbet
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