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麒麟Kirin Sake


Founded 1880 in Tsugawa/Niigata at the Agano river. Good rice from the nearby Niigata rice fields, sof source water and the snowy winters lead to a clean and tasteful sake. The name Kirin is given after a fable animal, which is considered to bring luck.

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  • Kirin Hizoshu 5 years

    An absolute premium sake matured for 5 years at 0°C. Dry, elegant and complex aromas with creamy texture and rich finish.
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    1 l = £140.00
  • Kirin Vintage 2018

    An aged sake with notes of ripe fruits and complex flavours, reminding of sherry. Pairs well with meat, cheese and desserts. Great potential for further aging.
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    1 l = £68.75

2 Item(s)