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Sommelier André Macionga

Since over 10 years he has been working together with Chef Tim Raue. He was awarded by the Gault Millau "Host of the year 2017" and as a sommelier and restaurant manager at the 2 star restaurant "Tim Raue" he is offering numerous selections of Premium Sake.

Sake-Pairings from André Macionga

8 Treasures

8 Treasures

Sake-Pairing: Ninki Sparkling J-Ginjo

Course 1, served at 5/18/2017

Norway Lobster

Norway lobster, wasabi, Cantonese style

Course 2, served at 5/18/2017


Hamachi, Jade Sauce, Sansho Pepper

Sake-Pairing: Dassai 39

Course 3, served at 5/18/2017

Dong Po

Dong Po, pork belly, watermelon, galangal

Sake-Pairing: Nanbu Bijin Ume Rosé

Course 4, served at 5/18/2017

Dim Sum

"Sake is a great pairing-partner for Tim Raues Genusswelten. Sake takes you to another level of flavors, when it comes to food-pairings, other than wine."

Course 5, served at 5/18/2017

Brie de Meaux

Brie de Meaux, black truffle, hazelnut

Sake-Pairing: Katsuyama Lei

Course 6, served at 5/18/2017


Quince, macadamia nougat, passionfruit

Sake-Pairing: Fukuju Yuzu Sake

Course 7, served at 5/18/2017