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Sommelière Julia Pleintinger

After working in the 'Königshof' in Munich, Julia Pleintinger has been working for over 4 years in the 2 star restaurant Geisels Werneckhof, alongside chef Tohru Nakamura, as a maitre sommelier and is successfully involved in Sake-Pairings.

Sake-Pairings from Julia Pleintinger



Sake-Pairing: Shichiken Sparkling Dry

Course 0, served at 6/22/2017

Cacina de Leon

Cacina de Leon

Sake-Pairing: Shichiken Sparkling Dry

Course 1, served at 6/22/2017


Hamachi, Aji, green tomato, jalapeño, elderflower and yuzu

Course 2, served at 6/22/2017

King crab

King crab, carrot and yasmin

Sake-Pairing: Toko Daiginjo

Course 3, served at 6/22/2017

Red mullet

Red mullet, courgette, quinoa and fish-fond

Sake-Pairing: Bijofu Junmai

Course 4, served at 6/22/2017


Turnips, sunflower sprouts and blueberries

Sake-Pairing: Amabuki Rhododendron

Course 5, served at 6/22/2017


Kaylan, roasted tofu, pork and black garlic

Sake-Pairing: Kameman Genmai

Course 6, served at 6/22/2017


Cherry, tonka beans, walnuts and chocolate

Sake-Pairing: Katsuyama Lei

Course 7, served at 6/22/2017