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Sommelière Sindy Kretschmar

Many years engaged in international fine-dining restaurants, Falstaff's "Sommelier of the Year 2018" has been responsible for the first-class wine selection at the Ritz Carlton in Vienna since 2016 - especially for the "District Steakhouse". There, the native of Leipzig also finds ideal conditions for Sake Pairing.

Sake-Pairings from Sindy Kretschmar

French Creuse no. 2 oysters

French Creuse no. 2 oysters

Sake-Pairing: Imayo Tsukasa IMA for Oysters

Course 1, served at 5/14/2018

Wagyu fillet of beef

Wagyu fillet of beef with parmesan truffle oil fries, 2 types of asparagus, BBQ aubergine & Sauce Bérnaise

Sake-Pairing: Fukuju Kobe Special

Course 2, served at 5/14/2018