What is Shochu?

Shochu is a traditional Japanese distillate. The alcohol content is normally around 25-30% but can go up to 45%. Shochu is divided into two categories: Ko-rui and Honkaku Shochu (authentic Shochu). Ko-rui is a mass-produced industrial Shochu and it is distilled continuously into a pure alcohol without flavour or taste. On the other hand, Honkaku Shochu is the single distilled spirit made with traditional methods. All the shochu we offer is Honkaku Shochu.


Although shochu, just like sake, uses Koji fungi for the fermentation process, it is not restricted to rice for its base. Shochu can be made from brown sugar, sweet potatoes, but also grains like wheat or buckwheat. There are currently about 50 different types of shochu ingredients. After fermentation, Honkaku shochu is distilled only once, so that the original flavour and taste of the ingredients are directly expressed. After distillation, some shochu are matured for several years in barrels.

Our varieties of Honkaku shochu

Kokuto Shochu: Made from sugar cane (muscovado). It has rich and sweet aromas and a round taste. This type of shochu is produced exclusively in the subtropical Amami archipelago in southern Japan. 

Mugi Shochu: Made from barley. Mugi shochu is usually the lightest of the four types of shochu. Aromatic, clean, light and easy to drink even for beginners.

Imo Shochu: Made from sweet potatoes. It is rich in flavour and aroma with full of character. Sweet potatoes bring fine sweetness on the palate.

Kome Shochu: Made from premium sake lees (trester). It has a sweet and fruity aroma, similar to ginjo style sake. Soft texture with a clear taste.

How to drink?

Straight: Enjoy the original aroma, flavour and taste of shochu.

On the rock: The classic way to drink. It's refreshing and crisp.

With water: The golden ratio = Shochu 6 : Water 4. It is best to pour the shochu first, then the water.

With hot water: Put the hot water first and then the shochu to make it more fragrant.

Cocktail: Soda 6: Shochu 4 is a popular mixture in Japan. Shochu can be mixed with tonic water, fruits juice or liqueur.

Shochu is suitable as an aperitif and as a digestif. Shochu cocktail is popular in japan. It is also  often drunk with food. There are many different types and ways to drink it, so it can be served with a wide range of dishes. Barley and rice shochu can be drunk with fish, while sweet potato and brown sugar shochu can be drunk with oily dishes with a strong taste.

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