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  • Sake Pairings Find your matching Sake

    Sake is a wonderful food companion. By choosing the right sake for your meal, you can achieve outstanding culinary experiences. We, UENO GOURMET, call this SAKE pairing!

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  • Premium Sake Our Sake Suppliers

    Premium sake is produced in artisanal way from selected rice and pure spring water. There are some 1300 family run breweries. UENO GOURMET has personally selected more than 30 renowned breweries for you.

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  • Koshu Wine Japanese Wine

    Above all, Japanese wine is known for the indigenous grape variety “Koshu”. The Koshu grape produces dry, light and fruity fresh white wines that delight wine lovers and wine connoisseurs.

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UENO-GOURMET online shop Premium-Sake and Japanese culinary culture (sake, shochu and more)

Your expert for Premium - Sake, Japanese fine seasonings and tableware – UENO GOURMET delivers traditional taste and culinary culture from Japan. We are professional Sake – Sommelier, certified wine consultants and members of the Slow Food community and Sommelier-Union Germany. We are importing high-quality produces directly from the source and selected from artisanal producers in Japan.

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  • Kurambon Natur Koshu 2017

    Natur Koshu 2017

    Natural white wine from koshu grapes. It impresses with a delicate scent of rosewood and fresh fruity aromas of yuzu and mikan.

    Contains sulfites.

    Incl. 20% Tax, excl. Shipping 1 l = £58.67
  • Kurambon Natur Muscat Bailey A 2017

    Natur Muscat Bailey A 2017

    Natural red wine from organic cultivation made from the authochthone muscat bailey a grape. Scents from apple purée and aromas of cassis.

    Contains sulfites.

    Incl. 20% Tax, excl. Shipping 1 l = £58.67

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  • Azuma Rikishi Nigori

    Cloudy sake (nigori) with rich rice taste. Dry style and fine umami.
    Incl. 20% Tax, excl. Shipping 1 l = £56.33
  • Hatsumago Kimoto Tradition

    Kimoto Tradition
    This sake is brewed with the traditional Kimoto method. It is awarded as "Best Honjozo 2018" by IWC and features a mellow umami taste and refreshing acidity.
    Incl. 20% Tax, excl. Shipping 1 l = £35.97