Sake Pairing - Welcher Sake passt zu welcher Speise?

Sake is a wonderful food companion. By choosing the right sake for your meal, you can achieve outstanding culinary experiences. We, UENO GOURMET, call this SAKE pairing!

Significantly more than wine, sake contains Umami (the fifth sense of taste also known as flavor or heartiness). And this Umami underlines and harmonizes individual flavor components of the food. Depending on the structure of the components umami, sweet, sour, salty and bitter in the food as well as in the accompanying sake, the pairing will lead to a unique harmony.

Do not worry: Finding the right pairing is easy. For fish and vegetable dishes, it is best to choose a slightly fruity sake. While with more heavy meat dishes an earthy and umami rich sake will be ideal. On this website we provide a database of successful sake pairings. The selection function on the top right allows you to search specifically for food categories, sommeliers and events.

PS: We want to expand this database continously. Send us your favorite sake pairing with a photo and short description to expand our website.

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