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    Finest yuzu juice and yuzu powder feature intense yuzu citrus notes with its light bitter notes...
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Onlineshop for premium sake & other quality products from Japan

JAPAN GOURMET is a leading supplier of premium sake in Europe with offices in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.We convey Japanese gastronomic culture in Europe. JAPAN GOURMET imports only premium sake, shochu and high quality seasonings directly from renowned producers. All products are produced in a traditional way without additives and are imported temperature controlled.

Only top quality from personal selection

Premium sake from Japan is the perfect pairing to any fine food. Our sake is produced in artisanal way from selected rice and pure spring water from the Japanese mountains. We offer only premium sake personally selected from more than 20 breweries.

Traditional Japanese distillate

Shochu is a Japanese distillate. Usually it is distilled from rice, barley or sweet potatoes. Most common is an alcohol content of 25%. Honkaku shochu (authentic shochu) is a spirit made by single distillation, the traditional method from small producers.

Latest products

  • Fukuju Kobe 80

    Kobe 80
    Crystal clean appearance, with herbal flavors, soft umami texture, dry and long aftertaste
    Incl. 20% Tax, excl. Shipping 1 l = £40.00

    Out of stock

  • Imayo Tsukasa IMA for Oysters

    IMA for Oysters
    „Sake & Oysters“ A specifically brewed Premium Sake to pair with fine oysters.
    Incl. 20% Tax, excl. Shipping 1 l = £58.33
  • Heavensake Junmai Ginjo

    Junmai Ginjo
    The first thing to notice of this Junmai Ginjo are the delicate floral notes and a hint of citrus.
    Incl. 20% Tax, excl. Shipping 1 l = £69.44

Japanese liqueur

Japanese liqueur is very juicy and natural due to the high proportion of fresh fruit. Sake or shochu serve as base alcohol.

Japanese kitchen
Imported japanese seasonings

Soy sauce, sake/mirin, miso and dashi are „The Big Four“ of Japanese cuisine. Japanese yuzu and sansho add fresh citrus notes to food.

Sake Tableware
Tableware from Japan

We are offering glasses, cups and carafes to enjoy sake. Also we have fine products from hinoki wood like exclusive cutting boards.

Sake Knowledge
Knowledge about premium sake

We want to share our knowledge about Sake. Information on the manufacture, enjoyment and quality criteria of premium sake and more.